Drake Hash House Harriers


Welcome to Drake Hash!

Welcome to Drake Hash House Harriers – a club that enjoys or maybe suffers the art of hashing. We are based around southern Dartmoor and run every Monday at 7.30pm, whatever the weather, 12 months of the year.

The usual Drake hash involves about a dozen or so souls braving Dartmoor’s fogs, bogs and Sherlock Holmes’ ghostly dogs, following a pre laid trail of sawdust…

Our almost exclusively off-road trails include junctions, loops and dead ends, which aim to keep the pack together. In Drake Hash you will discover finely tuned athletes running alongside shambling old wrecks who will tell anyone that they were once finely tuned athletes (no names etc). But buy the GM a drink and they will tell all!

The trail usually lasts around an hour and importantly, some would say crucially, always ends with a visit to a pub for rest and recreation. We are a friendly bunch and don’t go in for the more exuberant hash rituals such as ‘down downs’, however we do follow the traditions of giving all club members a hash name, and writing about our Monday night exploits in the weekly ‘words’.

You don’t have to be super fit to run with us, being able to jog is enough as there are generally plenty of short cuts. Drake H3 membership consists of men, women and dogs. The dogs are welcome as long as they keep their owners under control, and are kept on the lead. No matter how well trained, they can run off!

The atmosphere is friendly and laid back, so why not turn up to one of the venues on our diary and we will give you a warm welcome!

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